Thank You Shabbats

In the months leading up to his retirement, Rabbi Mahler thanked the congregation through a series of Thank You Shabbats:


Thank You Shabbat One, Tribute to My Students/Teachers, Teachers/Students Over the Years

October 13, 2017/24 Tishrei, 5778


Thanksgiving Interfaith Service, Where Thanks are Due

November 21, 2017


Thank You Shabbat Two, The Top Ten Reasons that You Should be Proud and I am Grateful for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs at Temple Emanuel

November 24, 2017/7 Kislev 5778


Thank You Shabbat Three, When Life Has Met Death

January 12, 2018/26 Tevet 5778


Thank You Shabbat Four, Jews Who Choose Judaism

March 9, 2018/23 Adar 5778


Thank You Shabbat Five, Synagogue Sin Qua Non – Volunteers

March 23, 2018/8 Nissan 5778


For a Sweet and Happy Passover

April 1, 2018/16 Nissan 5778


Thank You Shabbat Six, One Soul Residing in Two Bodies

April 13, 2018/30 Nissan 5778


Thank You Shabbat Seven, The Leader of Synagogue Leaders

April 20, 2018/6 Iyar 5778


Parashat Chukat D’var Torah

June 22-23, 2018/10 Tammuz 5778