Membership Overview

Version 2We asked our congregants why they belong to Temple Emanuel:
  • To lead a more meaningful life
  • To be part of a joyful community
  • To continue the traditions started by my ancestors thousands of years ago
  • To observe and celebrate Jewish holidays with a community
  • To teach our children well
  • To learn more about the sacred principles of Judaism
  • To have a spiritual home and people who will be supportive in times of need

If you’re looking for your place in the Reform Jewish community, check out Temple Emanuel. Our congregation is warm and welcoming with caring members of all ages. We will gladly meet with you and give you a tour of our building and grounds. We also invite you to check our Calendar for upcoming services or other programs. We offer a free first year to anyone who hasn’t been affiliated with a Pittsburgh area congregation. Please come visit!  Questions? Contact us at 412-279-7600 or email.

We welcome you!

If I am not for myself, who will be for me?

If I am only for myself, who am I?

If not now, when?

   – Rabbi Hillel