Our vision is to support our Temple’s needs, while enriching our own lives through the mitzvahs we perform and the friendships we develop amongst our teammates and the Temple family we serve. The twin goals of maintaining a strong team spirit while taking personal ownership for the mitzvahs we perform lie at the center of that vision.

Annual traditions include holding TERMS Shabbat services, organizing the Memorial Day Bagel Brunch, preparing a meal for Myram’s Place, and supporting a wide range of Temple events including the Labor Day picnic and helping assemble and dismantle the sukkahs.

If you attend our meetings, you’ll quickly see that they are anything but boring. The enthusiasm and effort exhibited by our members enliven us all. Light conversation and humor punctuate serious deliberations over which projects to select, and how to pursue those we choose. We then take personal responsibility and pride in planning and implementing those projects.

TERMS membership is open to the men and women of Temple Emanuel who are retirees, or plan on retirement in the coming year. If you would like to come to TERMS with your life, please contact or TERMS.