So Much Is Going On…

So much is going on here at the Torah Center… it’s hard to keep track of it all! Everyone is busy learning, playing, and having a great time! Here’s a look at what happened during the past week.

On Wednesday, Mr. Karp’s 3rd Grade Hebrew class practiced their letters while working together to check each other’s work:

Mrs. Levy’s 5th Grade Lifecycles class created and performed skits showing how all of life’s events can have a Jewish spin:

On Sunday, Our Kindergarteners enjoyed the warm weather while playing “Adom (red) Light, Yarok (green) Light” with a twist  – Kahol (blue) meant ‘time to dance’!

Our 1st Grade students enjoyed singing songs for Rosh Hashanah and hearing a good story in the library:


Both Mrs. Katz’ and Mrs. McFerron’s 2nd grade classes took a break from learning about the Jewish calendar to pose:

Mrs. Schlesinger’s 6th Grade Hebrew class was awesome!


On Monday, our 8th Grade students made collages using different images to show how pictures inform, persuade and show as part of their curriculum ‘the Jewish Lens.’

The entire Jewish High School joined the Confirmation class for their Consecration Ceremony. Mazel Tov!

What a week!

Shana Tova – a Sweet New Year to All!

Coming Up:

Torah Center Rosh Hashana Programming for Kindergarten-6th Grade Thursday, September 29th at 9 am

Teen Rosh Hashana Service for grades 7-12, Thursday, September 29th at 11:45 am