Parent Connection

Parent Connection is a joint program of the Library and Torah Center for first grade students and their parents. Our motto is Books, the Link between Generations (taken from a 1990 Jewish Book Council poster).

The Parent Connection begins in January with a First Grade Family Day when parents and children learn about the program. Each book in this special collection has been carefully selected to provide an easy learning opportunity for both the parent and the child. There is a range of books from holiday themes to biblical stories, and even funny fiction, all focusing on Jewish values, history and culture. Each book has a coordinating activity sheet that is downloadable. Parent and child complete the activity sheet together and turn it into the Library to receive credit for having completed the task.

Students receive one sticker on their ark for every book that has been read. They must complete a minimum of eight books in order to receive prizes at the assembly in April.

This program has been very successful and both children and parents remember it fondly years later as a wonderful Torah Center memory.

Parent Connection 2015

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