New board members

Temple Emanuel’s new Executive Committee and Board of Trustees met earlier this month at the home of President David Weisberg. It has become a tradition for the incoming board to hold their first meeting at the president’s home. This casual setting allows the board to get to know one another without the weight of a typical meeting. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for the president to speak of his/her focus for the next two years.

David spoke on the theme of connection. Specifically, the board’s connection to you; the board’s connection to the temple itself, our connection to each of the committees we’re tasked to oversee and chair, our connection to the South Hills Jewish community and beyond, and our connection to the world beyond the communities we call home.

All of us have a special connection to Temple and a special place for both it and our Jewish identity. For some it’s the adult education classes we attend or Torah Study each Sunday. For others it’s the community felt at different picnics and Shabbat dinners. Still others feel it in the children’s Torah Center classrooms each Wednesday and Sunday. Or your connection may be a family friend you’ve had since the founding of Temple (what a unique gift we have that founding members are still young enough to call Temple home!).

There was excitement in the room as we discussed all the connections the board felt and the new ones we want to build. We are all excited about our roles and are looking forward to help plan for the future of Temple. You, though, are the most important link in the chain of connection. Every board member and Temple employee wants to hear from you and learn your opinion. Reach out to use with suggestions for programs or events or worship service ideas. Each board member chairs a committee and volunteers are always welcome. Whatever your interest, there is a committee on which you can serve. You can leave us a note in the mailboxes located in Temple’s offices or you can find us at any of Temple’s various services or events. We’re anxious to hear from you and make this a Temple where everyone’s connection is felt and lasts for generations to come.