A Visit From a Violinist

Irene Cheng 2

ECDC was fortunate today to welcome Irene Cheng, Violinist. Ms. Cheng is the mother of Maddie, who attended pre-school at ECDC.  She is also a member of the Pittsburgh Symphony and has been  making annual visits to our school to perform for the children. Today Ms. Cheng played a range of music from Twinkle, Twinkle to a Bach gigue. She played fast and slow, happy and sad, and loud and soft. We even had a chance to dance in the aisles, especially to the happy music.


Ms. Cheng gave the children an opportunity to play on a tiny violin. They sounded and looked like virtuosos in the making.

Irene with Martin Irene with Alexa Irene with GeorgeIrene with Meenakshi

Many thanks to Irene Cheng and the Pittsburgh Symphony for sharing beautiful music.

How fortunate we are!