The High Holy Days Continue…

Many of our students joined us for the Torah Center Yom Kippur Programming – as participants or as Madrichim – student aides. Despite the solemn mood of the day, many smiles were seen in the classrooms and hallways:

Thank you once again to everyone – our teachers, parents & teens – who made the day a succes!

On Sunday, it was a beautiful day to decorate our new outdoor sukkah:

On Monday night, in Mr. Karp’s Comparative Religions class, our 9th Grade students visited with the Reverend Leslie Reimer and learned about Protestantism:

 Chag Sameach… Have a Happy Sukkkot!

*          *          *

Coming Up:

Erev Simchat Torah Dinner and Service on Wednesday, October 19th; Free Hot Dog Dinner at 6 pm, Festival Service at 7 pm. The service includes the Consecration of our newest students in Kindergarten-2nd Grade. All are invited to attend! RSVP for dinner to Helaine at [email protected]  

Sajowitz Weekend Scholar-in-Residence Rabbi Dr. Danny Schiff will speak to parents on Sunday, October 23rd. Brunch will be at 10 am (following the Minyan) and Rabbi Dr. Danny Schiff will speak at 10:30 am on “Teaching Kids the Truth: Why Judaism is not a ‛Religion’”
Jr. J-Club (grades 4&5) and J-Club (grades 6-8) visit Simmons Farm on Sunday, October 23rd, following Torah Center classes, with Temple’s Youth Director, Jayna Rubin, for a fun filled afternoon. RSVP to Jayna at [email protected] so that we can purchase the tickets at the group rate. We are also looking for parents to help with the event… let Jayna know if you are available.