Sukkot – Plural for Sukkah

Sukkot, a Jewish holiday, is the Hebrew word for “booths” or “huts.”  Sukkot is plural for sukkah.

The plural form of the word is appropriate for our ECDC celebration, as each classroom made its own sukkah — so we made a total of  ten beautiful Sukkot.

sukkah-display-004sukkah-display-005 sukkah-display-006

Sukkot is a festival of giving thanks for the fall harvest. During the harvest, the Jewish people were commanded to dwell in a sukkah. A sukkah should have three sides with an opening for welcoming guests and a roof “open” enough to see the stars. Also in accordance with Jewish law, the sukkah should be beautiful and made with loving care.

Sukkot is a joyous holiday with a tradition of inviting others to share a meal.

Our teachers and children enjoyed several snack-time picnics in the Temple Emanuel sukkah during our beautiful fall weather.

The Kindergarten Enrichment classes took advantage of the open roof by coming equipped with pencils, paper and clipboards, lying on their backs and drawing what they observed above.


After visiting the sukkah, the children made suggestions on what materials to use for their cardboard box versions. One group added a detailed scene of children eating around the table. Yes, it was the children’s idea to use a block for the table and to include two pet lizards.



Several groups planned their own ways to make sure that the stars could be seen. It takes teamwork and negotiation to build a sukkah!

sukkah-display-010 sukkah-display-011 sukkah-display-013

We invited ECDC parents to enjoy our sukkah display.

sukkah-display-023 sukkah-display-024

The holiday of Sukkot gives us an opportunity to share meals with others, to express our thanks for food and to appreciate the beauty of nature.