Purim! Purim! Purim!

Lots of fun and games occupied our Torah Center recently as the excitement of Purim filled the air!!

Second graders made graggers to shake at Haman’s name when the Megillah was read….

Fourth graders made Shalach Manot baskets to give traditional Purim gifts to others during this festive season…

And teachers and madrichim performed a Purim Shpiel (play) for all of the students in Grades K-6 in the Beit HaTefillah!!

Meanwhile, in Mrs. Levy’s 5th Grade Lifecycle class, students learned about Jewish weddings.  From the ketubot…

To the huppah…

To the breaking of the glass!!

Next up:  Passover!

Please note:  There will be NO Torah Center classes from Sunday, April 1st through Sunday, April 8th due to Pesach and Spring Break. Classes will resume on Sunday, April 15th.