Let’s Shop!

Trunk Shows Boutique (on Rt. 19 near South Hills Village) is an adorable store with great options for every taste and budget. They have a variety of items for sale such as chocolate, costume jewelry, serving platters, and clothing.

The store will host Women of Temple Emanuel (WTE) on Wednesday, May 4 from 4-7 PM with margaritas, light appetizers, and sweets. They will also give back a portion of sales to WTE, which makes every dollar we spend even more meaningful.

We do need to meet a minimum headcount, so please join us and bring a friend. The more we shop, the more money goes to WTE for future events. Mother’s Day is Sunday May 8th, so it is a great opportunity to pick up gifts for loved ones.

RSVP at https://templeemanuel1.wpengine.com/event/wte-trunkshows/ or via our Facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/468304973380159/.

Check out their website at http://trunkshowsboutique.com.