How Our Space Unit Started

allie and alien

A Conversation About Weather Goes Solar

The exploration of space in the classroom of Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Reinke started while discussing the weather on a very cold and sunny day. How could it be so cold and so sunny at the same time? That is the question posed by the teachers that started the space unit.


The children had many thoughts.

Porter: The sun is at the top facing down at the ground. The ground stays cold.

C.J.: The sun is round. I wish I could take a picture of it.

Porter: The fire from the sun makes the light.

Sam: The sun is a star.

Will: I love space planets.

Cici: The earth is a planet.

M.J.: Gravity is not in space. It makes you not fall.

Darsh: I don’t know if there are other planets. Do aliens have families?

Alie: I want to know if there are people far away.

Nico: I just want to learn about space.

Sam: Pluto is a doomed planet.


Solar System and Aliens

While following up with scientific fact-finding about planets, the children repeatedly returned to the topic of aliens. The children drew pictures of their imaginary aliens then made 3-dimensional models. All the while there was conversation about the various features of the aliens.

The children wonder: Do people live on other planets? Do aliens have families?

What do you think?

addies alien alien 2  alien 4 alien IMG_1225 nico and alien sam and alien william and alien