Hebrew Raps and Family Days… What Could Be Better?

In the Torah Center, we are always looking for creative ways to evaluate our students. This past week, tests were out and rap songs were in!

In Mrs. Frey’s 5th Grade Hebrew class, the students were asked to write and perform a rap song (or jingle) about the the prayer they just learned – the Avot v’Imahot. The assignement was to remind others about our Jewish ancestors using the names in both English and Hebrew of the Patriarchs – Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the Matriarchs – Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah, and also to include the word “ancestors”.  Some of the groups were very creative!

On Sunday, we had our first Family day of the school year. Our 4th Grade students were joined by their parents for an action-packed morning of prayer, learning and fun!

After the Minyan, everyone enjoyed a bagel breakfast while studying a bit of Torah surrounding the morning’s theme – Hachnasot Orchim – being welcoming and hospitable:

The parents moved to the Community room to work on a special project – decorating covers for the prayer books that will be presented to the 4th Grade at the Family Shabbat service next month (Shhh!!!!! It’s a surpise for the students!). It was a task done with a lot of hard work, enthusiasm and love:

Meanwhile, the students were continuing the discussion about being welcoming to others and… to themselves as well. They decorated B’tzelem Elohim mirrors to remind themselves that they are created in the image of God:

On Monday, Rabbi Locketz’ 8th Grade class talked about what values are and discussed how our values guide us throughout our lives. To begin, the students made lists on the board of what is important to them and compared what they wrote. They discovered that they had many things in common! 

Another great week… stay tuned for more!

*          *          *

Coming Up:

5th Grade Family Day is Sunday, November 20th from 9:30 am – 12 noon. Please plan on joining your children at Torah Center for activities that will allow you to learn and experience Judaism together. 
There will be NO TORAH CENTER CLASSES on Wednesday, November 23rd or Sunday, November 27th. Happy Thanksgiving!
Our next Shabbat LaMishpacha Dinner and Family service of the year is on Friday, December 2nd! Please let Lori in the main office know if you are able to attend the dinner. The cost is $15 for adults, $5.50 for children under 14. Can’t make it to the dinner?  Join us for the service.  This is a “don’t miss” event! See you there!