We celebrate Sukkot in style!

What a wonderful time we’ve had celebrating Sukkot at Temple Emanuel so far this year.

First, our MOTE volunteers came together to build our sukkah, no small task given the many parts and pieces that comprise our VERY sturdy structure.

Next, we had quite a crew turn out to decorate both the indoor and outdoor sukkahs.  Under the direction of our Torah Center/ECDC Art Teacher Michelle Dreyfuss, they made awesome decorations.  Everyone helped to hang their creations, and to decorate with cornstalks, gourds, pumpkins and more.  We’ve even perfected the “javelin throw” technique for getting the cornstalks onto the roof!

On Sunday evening, we came together for our Erev Sukkot service.  After enjoying a tasty spread of wine, cheese, fruit, veggies and even a few sweets, we welcomed with festival with a lively service led by Rabbis Rossoff and Locketz.  Everyone had the opportunity to shake the lulav and smell the etrog before heading home.

Check out our Sukkot slideshow![slideshow_deploy id=’14449′]