What a fun and LOUD time we had!

Our shofar blowing workshop was a huge success! Thank you to Ron Schneider and Harvey Rubin for teaching our students (and a few parents as well). We were amazed at quickly they learned and look forward to some new shofar blowers at our High Holiday Family Services this year!shofar-1 shofar-2 shofar-3 shofar-4

Let’s Shop!

Trunk Shows Boutique (on Rt. 19 near South Hills Village) is an adorable store with great options for every taste and budget. They have a variety of items for sale such as chocolate, costume jewelry, serving platters, and clothing.

The store will host Women of Temple Emanuel (WTE) on Wednesday, May 4 from 4-7 PM with margaritas, light appetizers, and sweets. They will also give back a portion of sales to WTE, which makes every dollar we spend even more meaningful.

We do need to meet a minimum headcount, so please join us and bring a friend. The more we shop, the more money goes to WTE for future events. Mother’s Day is Sunday May 8th, so it is a great opportunity to pick up gifts for loved ones.

RSVP at https://templeemanuel1.wpengine.com/event/wte-trunkshows/ or via our Facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/468304973380159/.

Check out their website at http://trunkshowsboutique.com.

Countdown to Passover!

Make Temple Emanuel part of your Passover celebration this year!

  • Join us for Torah Center’s Model Seder, led by the always amazing Melinda Freed, on Sunday, April 17 at 10:45 AM.  Please RSVP via email to [email protected].
  • Leave the cooking to us and bring your family to our Community Second Seder on Saturday, April 23 at 6PM.  RSVP by April 11 to the office or online at https://templeemanuel1.wpengine.com/event/2nd-seder-at-temple/.
  • Ladies (and young ladies ages 10+), come and be inspired at our Women’s Seder on Thursday, April 28 at 7PM.  RSVP by April 21 to the office or online at https://templeemanuel1.wpengine.com/event/womens-passover-seder/.
  • Stop by the gift shop and browse our selection of beautiful seder plates, matzah covers and more.  Shop for yourself or find the perfect hostess gift.  Sundays 9:30am-noon, Mondays 6:30-8:30PM, Wednesdays 4:30-6:30pm.
  • Worship with us at our Yom Tov and Shabbat Morning service at 10:30AM on April 23 and join us for our Concluding Passover, Yizkor and Shabbat morning service at 10:30AM on April 30.
  • And, do a mitzvah!  When you’re cleaning out your kitchen, donate your chametz to SHIM.  Drop off your food donations any time at Temple.

No two Passover Seders are alike!

We’re just over a month away from Passover (1st Seder is Friday, April 22), so what better time to start thinking about ways to make your seder special.  Every family has their own traditions – we’d love to hear about some of yours.  Please send your comments to [email protected].

Our member, Jennifer Bordenstein, shared her family’s truly unique seder experience:

Our Passover Seder tradition is quite unique.  After WWII ended, and 6 siblings on my husband’s side emigrated to the US, they began holding a Seder each year.  During the Seder, they spoke of their “Exodus” from Russia to America.  They spoke of l’ador vador, and how they hoped generations ahead would continue with their Seder tradition.  

My children began the 6th generation of the Dobro Family Seder.  We have our own Hagaddah, that is filled with stories of how the family began their new lives in Boston.  The Seder is ‘MC’d” by a relative who was a Broadway actor, so you can imagine the laughter that ensues.  There is a yearly family tree that is printed to show the new babies, marriages, and deaths.   We “facetime” with the now elderly, Florida contingent of the family.  The Seder ends with “Good and Welfare”, where each of us must stand up and tell something about our year.  People announce new jobs, new homes, good and terrible health situations, and there have been 2 marriage proposals.

The Seder fluctuates in size each year, with 120 people at its largest.  Family fly in from all parts of the country and it has gone from us all cooking together in a community center, to hosting it at a banquet hall in Boston.  I began attending the Seder in 1996, with my boyfriend, turned fiance, turned husband.  Each person outside the family must be deemed “Seder Worthy”, which is a huge step in the relationship.  

Something is always cooking at Temple!

Come Hungry and Ready to Learn! 

Jewish Cooking for Families with Melinda Freed on Sunday, March 6 at 12:15 PM. Roll up your sleeves and roll out some dough as we learn to make Hamantashen.

Lunch & Learn on Monday, March 14 at noon. Join us for a delicious lunch and a presentation by Rabbi Mark Mahler on Jewish Meditation: In Tradition, In Theory, In Practice.  

Sunday Brunch & Speaker, March 20 at 1o:30. Join us for brunch and a lecture by Middle East expert Ross Harrison. He will present “A Tour Through the Political Landscape of the Tumultuous Middle East.”