Author Dorit Sasson visits Temple

Could you voluntarily sign up for a term in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)? Dorit Sasson left New York City in the early 90s to do just that. She wanted to step out of her comfort zone, escape her fearful mother, and connect more closely with her father’s homeland. Her book, Accidental Soldier, recounts this experience.


This was the Women of Temple Emanuel’s September book selection. The author — who now lives in Squirrel Hill — was kind enough to attend our discussion. She talked about cultural differences, like the wolf-pack mentality that exists in Israel. As a result, she had to leave the country in order to find her voice and be able to write her memoir.

We all enjoyed meeting her and learning more about her experiences. As Sarah Levinthal says, “I admire her courage to put it all out there and be in such a vulnerable position in a lot of ways. That takes guts!”

WTE Book Club meets again Nov. 17 to discuss Aftertaste. Not only does Pittsburgh play a part in the novel, but it’s written by Temple member Meredith Cohen, who will attend and even prepare some delicious food for us to enjoy.