Annual Thanksgiving Feasts

the twos feast

ECDC Thanksgiving Feasts   

November 18th and 19th 


The preparation led to great anticipation!  It was reported that Jake went to bed early so that the feast day would come sooner.  Hope exclaimed in the hallway, “Mrs. Harlan, aren’t you excited for our party?”

Thank you to Mrs. Freed for baking 300 pumpkin cookies with our children.  Adorned in her special chef hat, Mrs. Freed made 12 batches of cookies- each with a group of 10 children.  Click here for the Recipe.

our chefcookie tray




silvermannov 087

The children made beautiful centerpieces and placemats.

centerpiececenterpiece 2




The children sang special songs with Mrs. Ricci, our music teacher.  This is one of our favorites:

Turkey Dinner (Sung to Are you Sleeping?)

Turkey dinner (2x)

Pumpkin pie (2x)

Who will get the drum stick?

Yummy, yummy yumstick

You or I? (2x)


Our parent community, along with infants, toddlers, aunts, uncles and grandparents, arrived for the event.  We are so thankful for our community of teachers, children and families!

family at our feast