Social Action Project

August 2018
Temple Emanuel Early Childhood Development Center and Social Action are partnering on a campaign to raise funds for the Humanitarian Respite Center of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley.

How did we choose this campaign? We were inspired by a “sister Temple Emanuel”, located in McAllen, Texas on the border of Mexico and a few miles from the respite center. Also known as Temple Emanuel of Rio Grande Valley, it is located a few short miles from Catholic Charities and partners to raise funds for the respite center.  The respite center opened in 2014 and with the help of volunteers the center has provided assistance in form of food and clothing to over 100,000 immigrants and refugees. We learned of these efforts on the web site of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism.

In Pittsburgh we do not come face-to-face with the humanitarian crisis at our border. We therefore welcome this opportunity to partner with Temple Emanuel of McAllen, Texas.

Mike Blum, the Chair of their Social Action Committee sends this message: We have received financial gifts from more than 70 congregations across the USA which has been astonishing, and a true demonstration of tikkun olam. An equal or greater number have sent truckloads boxes of toiletries, diapers, wipes, clothing items, blankets and small toys which has been a logistical challenge for our congregation. Thank you and all of your fellow members. It is good for the heart to give for those who are in need, regardless of where they come from or why they’re here.